Coconut Blueberry Oatmeal And What To Do With Pulp

We’ve covered how to make almond milk; and the possibilities are endless when considering how to use it. But what about the resulting pulp? Although it would seem logical to discard the pulp, you would be wise to save it. It is brimming with fiber and nutrients; and makes a wonderful addition to many dishes- and your beauty routine!

Almond milk pulp is perfectly placed in:

  • Smoothies
  • Baking: replace ½ the amount of flour in bread, cookie and muffin recipes to add nutritional value; and a nutty flavor.
  • Body scrub: mix 1 avocado and 2 tbsp of almond pulp and rub all over your skin to create a nourishing, all natural body scrub.
  • Oatmeal

I have been gaga over this oatmeal recipe for over a week now; I wondered why it took me so long to attempt this recipe. Oats, when coated in coconut oil and cooked in almond milk, with cinnamon, almond pulp and coconut is ABSOLUTELY divine. The first morning I tried it I closed my eyes and let out an audible “oh yeah!”

I wax poetic about the wonders of quinoa; it is currently a health food darling, and it completely deserves the praise. But let’s not forget about the old favorite that is the oat. High in soluble fiber and an excellent source of healthy fat makes oats an excellent breakfast choice. And it’s by far cheaper than some other slightly more vogue grains. They contain a range of antioxidants and plant chemicals that help keep our arteries and hearts healthy. Oats are also relatively low on the glycemic index so they won’t spike blood sugar and contribute to a “crash”; this also makes them suitable for those with insulin resistance and diabetes.

Oats are certainly an oldie, but they’re a goodie!

Coconut and Blueberry Oats

Makes 2 servings

1 tbsp coconut oil

½ cup oats

2 tbsp almond pulp

1 tsp coconut sugar

1 cup almond milk

1 tbsp shredded coconut

2 tbsp blueberries (I use frozen in the winter)

In a small sauce pan, heat the coconut oil on medium high heat; add the oats and stir to coat them with the oil. Add the pulp and the coconut sugar; stir and immediately add the almond milk. Cook until the oats are cooked about 5 minutes. Top with blueberries and serve.