Types of cosmetic surgery

Are you looking for cosmetic surgeon but confused?  Want a new look but can’t decide then we have answer for your question and answer is Ahmed omarjee from Melbourne.  He is one of great doctors of cosmetic surgery. He continues to rise in popularity across the world. He is expert in all top cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation, nose reshaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery, lesser hair removal. All cosmetic surgery are explained are mentioned


It means eliminating the sign of aging in this doctor tightens the muscle to look younger. This surgery is done by celebrities to hide their age because they can’t look old in films.

Eye surgery

In this sagging skin around is eliminated. Excess skin is removed and excess fat can be used to fill in lower eyelid surgery. Dark spot can be removed and eyes look beautiful after surgery.

Brow lift

It is meant to lift eyebrows to get rid of wrinkles and remove worry lines to change appearance of face looking angry.

Nasal reshaping

It is also considered as rhinoplasty in this reshape of nose is done. In this way of breathing can be improved and can change persons appearance. This surgery is taken by those who are not happy with their nose because it may be too big. This surgery will boost their confidence.

Breast augmentation

This is also considered as Breast enlargement surgery. It is most undergone cosmetic surgery chosen by women.  Some women have relatively small breasts. If woman wants bigger breasts then breast augmentation is solution. It will increase self confidence because they are satisfied with their bodies.


It is process of removing excess fat inside the body which does not disappear after dieting and exercise. Liposuction helps to burn fat in body

Tummy tucking

This procedure consist raconteur the abdomen by removing skin and tightening the skin. It gives a younger look.

Hair transplant

Mostly men but some women also experience hair loss. This may be happen because of genetic problems in this patients may need to undergo several sessions after six months transplanted hair will fall out then new hairs will come out.

Fat injection

It is Also known as fat grafting. This is done by transferring fat from one body to another body. It is transferred to persons who need volume improvement. Patients are most satisfied with injections.fat is removed from a body that requires fat reduction then added to another body part that needs fat.