Canadian Online Pharmacy No Prescription Required

Canadian online pharmacy is an online drugstore that a lot of people in America would like to know about, specially when ordering Viagra, Cialis or Levitra online. If it is online, then what difference does it make whether it is Canadian or American? There actually is a lot of difference. It is nothing new that Americans traveled to Mexico in search of bargain drugs. The Washington Post reports that every year nearly 2 million packages containing pharmaceuticals reach America from countries like Thailand, South Africa and India. A significant number of drugs are also received from Canada. The cost of medication in America is prohibitive. It is interesting to note that almost all countries other than America control drug prices. These countries realize that health care has to be affordable and within reach of the general public. It is because of this that a Canadian online pharmacy is able to offer the same drug at a substantially lower price than you will get in America. It is also a pharmacy no prescription required drugstore that employs qualified physicians to help their clients with useful suggestions of alternative drugs containing the same active ingredients. These are generic drugs that do not have patent protection. A Canadian online pharmacy will even write you a prescription on receipt of medical records documenting your condition. People are obviously concerned about legal and safety issues in regard to this procedure of getting medications ordered online and delivered by mail. Here is some relevant information in regard to both the issues.

Safety first: A registered Canadian online pharmacy has to undergo a series of procedures for registration with the Secretary (i.e. with the FDA). The pharmacy stands to lose its registration if it supplies unsafe drugs. Moreover, being a pharmacy no prescription required drugstore the major focus of Canadian online pharmacy is on generic drugs. A generic drug is a bioequivalent of a branded drug and is available at a cheap price. The low cost, however, is no reflection on the quality and safety of the drug. Some of the world famous drug companies in countries like India and Israel manufacturer generic drugs simply to make potent drugs available at a low cost.

Because these companies did not have to spend huge amounts of money for research and clinical trials they are able to make a profit even at this low cost. Pharmacy no prescription required does not mean that there is anything illegal about it. The US law requires a ‘face-to-face’ relationship between a patient and caregiver. This is a subjective term. A Canadian online pharmacy acts as an adjuvant to your physician when you submit your medical records that document your condition. Other provisions of the law state that a pharmacy no prescription required online drug store can ship medications to US provided the following conditions are met.

The law also mandates that enforcement should be focused only on cases where the importation creates a significant threat to public safety. Moreover, allows individuals to import from a pharmacy no prescription required online store provided the imported drug or device does not apparently pose an unreasonable risk to the individual. The Canadian Online Pharmacy is registered with the FDA, the imported drugs are not allowed to be resold, the supply is only for 90 days or less, the drugs are accompanied by a valid prescription and the drug dosage is printed along with details of the registered manufacturer.